President Ari Telford announces that he will go to MicroCon

With MicroCon happening July, citizens of Caddia were wondering whether they’d be represented at MicroCon. On May 5th, 2019, Ari Telford made an official announcement that he and 2 other representatives from the country would go out to Canada (the host of MicroCon 2019) to represent the nation. The president had this to say, “This will be a great oppurtunity to make new allies and get the word of Caddia out there. It’s hard to get your name out into the public when you’re first starting a micronation, and this is a great oppurtunity. Our country has only met with one other micronation in person, Molossia, which I went to in October. Besides emails, that’s the only contact we’ve had with other micronations.” Among the attendees of MicroCon 2019 are Molossia, Slabovia (the host this year), The Aerican Empire, Westarctica, West Who, the Kingdom of Ruritania, and much more.

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